European Funds

Loan for technological innovations

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please be advised that the company "SYSTEMY I TECHNOLOGIE" Sp. z o.o. implements a project under Sub-measure 3.2.2 of the Smart Growth Operational Program 2014-2020 : Loan for technological innovations entitled "Implementation of an innovative technology for the production of large-size polymer concrete tanks for the electrolysis of non-ferrous metals" (Application number POIR.03.02.02-00-1334 / 17).

The aim of the project in question is to start the manufacture of a product (cell / large-size tank) used in the metallurgical industry.

The result of the project implementation will be the launch of a unique technological line consisting of strictly defined machines and devices forming a technological line, allowing to obtain the required process parameters and enabling the production of a new product.

Project value: PLN 5,266,116.88

Co-financing amount from the ERDF: PLN 1,749,340.90