Recruitment procedure

  1. Send your application via an internet communication system or using traditional means of communication
    1. Read our recruitment advertisement
    2. Fill out an internet form / file your letter of application and attach the required documents
    3. Give your consent to data processing
  2. I Stage - Formal selection of submitted applications
    1. Submitted documents are verified in terms of completeness of documents
    2. Checking by the Commission whether a given candidate meets the conditions set out in the recruitment advertisement
  3. II Stage - Pre-accepted applications
    1. Choosing candidates to be invited by phone or email for a job interview
    2. The candidates may be required to take knowledge and skills tests.
    3. Psychological tests may be carried out in case of certain positions.
  4. The final stage
     All candidates participating in job interviews will be notified of the outcome of the recruitment process in the form of a decision.
  5. Offering a job - the best candidates will be offered a job
  6. Archiving of applications in accordance with the consent given  for the purposes of future recruitment processes
  7. Rejection of applications - letters of applications not meeting the requirements will be destroyed