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Basic information:
Ancor bridge filter drain is made of glass resin laminate reinforced with fibre glass. That is why it is resistant to aggressive chemicals and variable temperature from -35°C to +230°C.

A filter drain consists of two components: an outlet with stabilizing fins and a mesh. The outlet with fins includes a disk and an outflow pipe. A mesh, with holes on both ends, is fixed in the disk.

Ancor bridge filter drains are manufactured in two variations, which differ in the disk diameter or the outlet pipe diameter. The disk and outlet pipe diameter can be adjusted to the detailed design for the construction of a design. The Ancor bridge filter drain design for bridge structure is specified in the detailed design prepared by the manufacturer and approved by an ordering party.

Intended purpose of the product:
The Ancor bridge filter drain is intended for local water drainage from waterproof membrane level on flat surfaces of the traffic structures. It collects water penetrating the bridge deck surfacing on the waterproof membrane.

Application scope:
The bridge filter drain may be used without restrictions on all types of road and railway structures.

Ancor bridge filter drain parameters:

#Filter drain designation

Disc diameter


Outer/Inner diameter of the outlet pipe [mm]

Height H


Disc height


Mesh diameter


Number of holes


Surface area of the holes [mm2]
File name File size
Technical Data Sheet MS 462 KB download