Sytec’s conscious manufacturing

As a worldwide supplier of prefabricates made of polymer concrete, Sytec Sp. z o.o. is conscious about its footprint and committed to protecting the environment.

We produce materials that mostly can be fully recycled at the end of their useful life by washing, crushing and re-binding.
We make sure of creating a safe environment, not only when developing a sustainable production, but also providing services that ensure our products are properly disposed off after their useful lifetime.

Our centralized manufacturing operation at the Polkowice plant, allows at the same time the fabrication of multiple products under different production processes, eliminating long supply chains and transportation routes. This means lower energy consumption for the entire production.

The future challenges include the 40-20 approach that is to say the use of clean energies in not less than 40% of our production-consumption requirements and 20% recycled materials.

Polymer concrete composites have become innovative construction materials of the 21st century due to high performance, multi-functionality, and sustainability. We are constantly developing solutions to improve our production processes and deliveries focused on minimizing our impact on the environment.